Mock Installation

Over the past few days, my walls have been subject to numerous nail holes and pencil marks (I’m hoping my landlord doesn’t notice) with the intention of setting up a mock installation of the Berwick photo series. I’d never considered ‘exhibiting’ works in my own home before, but was encouraged after reading Exhibiting Photography, which suggests thatContinue reading “Mock Installation”

Photography and Collaboration

Palmer’s Photography and Collaboration (2017) has provided food for thought as deadline day approaches and I look ahead to the future of my practice. This includes my dissertation project, which employs photography as a means of narrative research. Community and Berwick At St. Michael’s & All Angels, Berwick, there was an overwhelming sense of community.Continue reading “Photography and Collaboration”

Presenting Berwick

As submission day approaches, I’ve been giving thought to how I will present my final portfolio of work. Opting for a photo book in my previous project, From The Bottom Up, was a valuable experience, but didn’t allow much time to engage with the process of editing images for print. This time around, I’ve decidedContinue reading “Presenting Berwick”

Understanding Aspect Ratios

In preparation for the submission of my second assignment forAV Professional Practice, responding to a brief photographing St Michaels and All Angels Church, I want to reflect on aspect ratios and how practitioners use these to construct narratives and control how the viewer encounters their images.  Jef Bonifacino’s Western Horizons (2018) I often feel aContinue reading “Understanding Aspect Ratios”

Do Not Forget Me

Now that second year is finished, along with From The Bottom Up, it’s time to start thinking seriously about my photography-based dissertation. As a professional carer, I am constantly inspired by the healthcare sector and am beginning to embrace it as a point of creative innovation; consequentially, my final-year project aims to explore the invisibilityContinue reading “Do Not Forget Me”

Cruel and Tender: The Real in the Twentieth-Century Photograph

Cruel and Tender has been one of the key compilations of work that has supported and continually inspired my project, From The Bottom Up. Featuring works by a range of acclaimed practitioners, from Diane Arbus and William Eggleston to Robert Frank and Martin Parr, the photobook embodies the idea of reflecting on and challenging social norms. ThisContinue reading “Cruel and Tender: The Real in the Twentieth-Century Photograph”

From The Bottom Up: a project introduction and reflections

Project Introduction The politics of toilets is something I have been interested in since the first year of my degree, when a lecture on critical geography got me thinking about the power relations tied up within them and the latrinalia (toilet graffiti) phenomenon. As spaces which are often unconsidered, a photographic project investigating public toiletsContinue reading “From The Bottom Up: a project introduction and reflections”

Portrait-phobia: a reflection

I have always been petrified, and admittedly a little bit repulsed, by the notion of shooting portraits in a studio setting. After three weeks doing just this, I felt it important to reflect on my reasons for feeling this way and face my portrait-phobia as I embark on my latest project. I have featured a couple ofContinue reading “Portrait-phobia: a reflection”